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Tips for Searching Sency

Current News
If you want to find out current news for a particular subject simply add the word news to the end of your search term. For example, search for technology news or health news to see what is going on in a particular industry.

People searches will let you know what the public is saying about a person right now. If a celebrity is involved in a controversy, or a famous athlete wins a big game, enter their name into our search engine and instantly see what is being said about that person.

Sports Teams
We all know that sports fans can be very vocal and passionate. Sency allows you to easily hear what sports fans are saying. For example, you can type Yankees into Sency and get the current pulse of Yankees fans. This is a great search to do during or after a big game because there is plenty of related chatter on gameday.

Sency allows you to search what people are saying inside of major cities. For example, Sency Houston can show you how people inside of Houston are reacting to a particular person place or thing while Sency New York gives you a window into the Big Apple's consciousness. This can allow you to dig deeper into real time search results.

Current Events
You can take advantage of Sency to learn more about major events going on this instant. If there is an earthquake, simply search for earthquake to see what people are saying about it. When The Oscars are going on in Hollywood, you can use Sency to here people's thoughts about the big event.

Two keywords
You can take advantage of Sency to see what people are saying about two different things. For example, if you search for Twitter Facebook, you will see comments from people that mention both keywords. Also, you can search for Yankees Redsox, to see updates from people mentioning both teams. And while a search on Tiger Woods will show you what people are saying about him right now, if you do a more specific search such as Tiger Woods Commercial you can see what people's thoughts are on the latest Tiger Woods commercial.

Most Popular Links
When you perform any search at Sency, you will see the Today's most popular links tab in the right side of the header. If you click on this tab, you will see today's most popular links for the keyword which you searched for. So, this search will help you to see the hottest links right now for any respective term. For example, this link will show you today's popular fishing links. This can also be a good tool to see the most shared page today from a given website. For example, if you search for, you can see the most popular pages on CNN right now.

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